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by Irina Gonzalez on December 7, 2011

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Irina Gonzalez diet successWith the Holidays coming up (and Thanksgiving out of the way already), my mind is back on my weight loss maintenance. Last year, after getting to my lowest-ever weight of 120, I settled around 130lbs and was pretty happy with that.

However, I’ve continued going to Weight Watchers because I still dream of getting back down to 125lbs. I know it’s just 5 vanity pounds, but doesn’t everyone have that? But it’s been hard to focus on losing that weight. Last time I wrote about the WW journey, I was back up to weighing 136.8lbs. Yikes!

I decided then and there that I had to seriously get back down a little bit. I had a whole plan about how I was going to seriously start tracking again, going to meetings with my best friend, exercising more. But then… well, I didn’t.

restarting Weight Watchers at 140.2 poundsI went back to Weight Watchers this morning and weighed in at 140.6lbs. Double yikes!

How did THAT happen?

Well, Autumn happened. This Fall has been particularly busy for me. I’ve been working on finishing my nutrition studies and launch my health coaching business, I’ve been writing a lot more and I’ve been away almost every single weekend.

I didn’t originally plan to have such a busy season, it just kind of happened. Trips with friends, family and for work piled on top of one another. Add in all of the cooking I’ve been doing , friend’s birthdays and other social plans, I just haven’t been tracking my calories.

I know I’ve been eating fairly healthy (since I mostly eat meals from my own healthy recipes) but all those social events and trips away have resulted in a lot of snacking and random bursts of junk food. Plus, it’s still been really hard to give up my candy and soda habit.

But I think I’ve finally figured out how to kick my butt into high gear for dropping these unwanted Summer/Fall/Thanksgiving pounds before I find myself back where I started and regaining 80lbs (which is what happened the first time I lost weight).

The one time this year that I was super on top of my eating habits was during Cleanse Month in February. Granted, I don’t want to do another cleanse like that (at least, not until next February perhaps). But what I want to do is start blogging about what I’m eating and how I’m exercising daily.

Irina's Diet Success Healthy Holiday TipsWith Christmas and New Year’s getting closer and closet, I’m taking a really close look at what I’m doing every day. I plan on incorporating some of the Healthy Holiday Tips I write about for work and, beyond that, I want to lose a little weight this season.

Ideally, I’d like to get back down to somewhere between 125-130. That’s where I felt the most comfortable. Right now I feel and look fine, but I am constantly afraid of getting higher. My current weight is where I was when I first started to regain after my weight loss in college, and this number scares me because I remember how easy it was to go from 140 to 155 to 175 and then, finally, to 220lbs. I can’t ever go back there again.

So I hope you’ll join me as I work on staying healthy this Holiday season and making sure that I am still maintaining my weight loss by, well, losing 10lbs and getting back down to my “happy weight”.

I’ll still be posting healthy recipes, confidence tips, Project: Food Budget posts, Fitness Journal videos and all of my other usual stuff. I’ll just be adding an extra post at night talking about what I ate and how I felt that day. The point, for me, is to be accountable the way I was during Cleanse Month.

Stay tuned later today for how my first day of tracking went!

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