Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Good?

by Irina Gonzalez on October 5, 2011

in Having Confidence

butt in jeans looks goodI have a confession to make: I haven’t worn jeans in three years.

It’s not that I hated jeans, really. In High School, they were actually all I wore. But as I began going up and down in weight during college, I started wearing dresses. All the time.

I fell in love with dresses because they were easy to wear and could cover up any flaws, which at the time I thought was my pear shaped body. I still wore jeans and pants from time to time but it was hard to find ones I liked.

My concern was always what my butt looked like. So I thought: do these jeans make my butt look good?

Okay, I admit it’s kind of a cliche. But it’s true! Everyone has a different way of thinking about it (whether you think it’s too small or too big or anything in between), but we all just want to look good.

Because I was a pear shape with naturally large thighs, it was always difficult for me to buy jeans. If they didn’t have any stretch in them, I wouldn’t be able to fit into them. And as skinny jeans became popular, I started to shy away from them more and more.

As I was losing weight again, it just became easier to keep wearing the dresses that I love.

Then I discovered jean leggings (aka jeggings). They’ve been my jean replacement ever since. I absolutely love wearing them with long, flowy tops and cute boots. But they could’t be my only pants forever.

So I decided it’s finally time to get a pair of jeans after years of avoiding them. On a recent Saturday afternoon, I headed to TJ Maxx and grabbed the 8 pairs that looked best to me. I made sure to shop in the petite department (since I’m 5’2″) and, whenever I could, took a size 4 and a size 6 in order to see which one fit best.

After an hour in the dressing room, I found them: the jeans that made my butt look good.

I don’t know what it was about them, but they made me feel good, too. Looking at my ass in the mirror, I just kept thinking “Wow! These look amazing.”

It’s funny how a pair of simple pants can make you fall in love with a part of your body. But it’s not really about the pair of jeans, is it? Having confidence is about so much more than that. It’s about the sincere belief that you look (and are) fantastic, no matter what you’re wearing.

I was able to buy this pair of jeans because I have slowly learned to love every part of myself. Since then, I enjoy wearing them almost as much as I wear my dresses. And although they were only the catalyst to to me realizing that I love my butt (and not the actual reason I love my butt), I’m still really glad I got them.

After all, doesn’t every girl want that perfect pair of God-I-look-phenomenal-in-them jeans?

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