11/11/11 until 12/12/12: Goals for the Next Year + Month + Day

by Irina Gonzalez on November 11, 2011

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3 Goals for the Next Year + Month + Day

I know that I don’t often talk about it, but I absolutely love to write. In fact, my full-time job is working as a web assistant at Family Circle (something that I’ve hinted at before), where I work on transferring magazine content to the web, handle our social media pages and write content for the blog.

Other than this, I also love to write on the side. If you’ve been reading this, you probably already know that I love to write since, well, here I am writing! But I don’t just mean on this blog. I mean that I love to freelance write for other publications, other websites, other people. I’ve just always been a big idea person (in fact, my friends joke that I have more ideas than I could ever possibly handle– and they’re right!) and I love sharing them.

Which is why I’ve recently started doing some fun writing exercises on my personal website. Besides blogging here (where I share about my life and quest for healthy living and keeping the weight  off), I’ve been writing as part of National Blog Posting Month. And since today is a special day, I felt that I wanted to share this side of me with you.

For the Day 11 (11/11/11) entry of NaBloPoMo, they asked us to share three wishes. But I don’t need wishes in my life. What I need are goals. Things that I can measure the achievement (or failure) of. That’s what motivates me to act because it sets my intention and helps me to figure out how I can get to where I want to go.

Since I’m a big fan of setting daily goals, I decided the next logical step would be to set some longer term goals. And so, instead of wishing on the lucky number of 11/11/11, I am giving myself 3 goals that I must succeed at before the next lucky date of 12/12/12. So here they are, my goals for the next 1 Year, 1 Month and 1 Day of my life:

  1. Launch my Health Coaching business and save up for Culinary School in 2013: As I finish my nutrition degree through IIN, the plan is to launch my health coaching business and begin taking on clients in the new year. I am really excited to begin helping people to reach their health coals. But, more than this, what I want to do is attend culinary school in 2013 because I am passionate about food and I want to both strengthen my food writing and also be able to teach people how to make the healthy food I am recommending they eat. And so, in order to get there, I am going to save any extra penny I can (from family birthday presents to freelancing checks to health coaching payments) to achieve this goal.
  2. Begin seriously writing about food/health and expand my Published Clips Portfolio: As I am finally writing more for my full-time job at Family Circle, I also want to start freelancing a lot more. It’s part of what I am hoping will help to pay for my chef’s training at the Natural Gourmet Institute (see Goal #1), but in general I just love writing and would like to see my name published more. I am currently taking a Food Writing course at MediaBistro and also considering taking the Memoir Writing course in the new year. I have tons of ideas for personal essays, relationship articles and many more. My main goal is to build up my food writing clips at different magazines and begin to work on a food memoir.
  3. Maintain my 100lb weight loss and incorporate a Fitness Regiment into my life: Since I’m finally back at Weight Watchers with a friend, I really want to get back down to my ideal weight of 130lbs. Right now I’m at a good weight, but I know I could be doing better if I wasn’t snacking as much and exercising more. On top of it all, I’ve made a commitment to finally incorporate regular exercise into my life by keeping a weekly fitness video journal. What I’d really like is to have this take off and become one of those people that loves to exercise. In fact, and I know this is a big dream for someone who’s not a runner, I’d like to run the NYC Marathon before my 30th Birthday. That gives me 4 years to fall in love with running!

Can I do it? Absolutely. Failure is just not an option here.

Tell me: what are YOUR goals for the next 1 Year + 1 Month + 1 Day? Are you looking to improve your health? Do you have a personal achievement goal? Share with me! The more vocal we are about our goals (and the more we seek people to hold us accountable), the more likely we are to achieve them. So let’s talk about it.

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