How to Have a Healthy Brunch

by Irina Gonzalez on January 8, 2011

in Healthy Dining Out

One of my favorite meals of the day is brunch. Well, it’s not really a meal that you can have every single day, since it’s usually only served on the weekends and is quite heavy. But I do love to meet up with a friend and indulge in delicious breakfast foods at 2 in the afternoon on a lazy Sunday.

healthy brunch

My only problem is that brunch can often be really filling, greasy, or sugary. I love french toast but I can’t really have that huge quantity of syrup every time I go out for brunch. At least, that wouldn’t be the best thing for my figure.

So when I went to Emporio recently with a friend, I decided to have a healthier, more balanced meal that would still leave me satisfied. Their menu was pretty excellent and I was pleased to see that they are a mostly-organic restaurant.

After looking over my choices, I decided to get the “strapazzate”- a meal consisting of creamy scrambled eggs with a whole wheat crostino topped with goat cheese and smoked salmon and a side of home fries and small salad.

This brunch was really delicious and had everything I wanted- eggs, goat cheese, smoked salmon, a bit of veggies. I think it was a really good choice and left me very satisfied.

I decided that I’d like to further explore healthier brunches in the future. This was was definitely a good start, but I’d love to add more vegetables in general. Perhaps next time I’ll go for some sort of vegetable frittata.

What are your favorite brunch options?

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